Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life is so precious...

2 weeks ago, after battling kidney disease, Eric's grandmother, Jody, went to Heaven.  It was sad and we miss her dearly, but we find peace in the years of memories and knowing that she is with her husband and Savannah and is no longer in pain.  She was an amazing woman and if you would like to read about her life, here is more:

In recent days, I have reconnected with an old friend who is sadly, battling terminal cancer.  She is in her 30s and has 3 boys.  She is a friend that I met nearly 7 years ago while living in military housing and lives about 2 miles away from us now.  Her husband is still Active Duty Military.  I wish I could do more than reach out with prayers and support and drop off a dinner.  It just seems like its not enough, but I also want to respect and honor her wishes to spend what time she has left with her husband and boys.

It seems like death is all around me right now.  I know that it will happen to all of us at some point.  I just hate to see suffering.  I hate to think about Savannah suffering.  I know that all of our departed friends and family are in a much better place than we can even imagine.  I feel torn at times because I absolutely adore my family here, but I still miss Savannah so much.  I know with each day that passes, I am one day closer to being with her again, but I have also been given the gift of one more day here on Earth; one more chance to right my wrongs; one more day to create memories; one more opportunity to tell the people I love just how much I love them.

As I held Irelynn tonight, I told her all about her big sister, Savannah and how she helped to save her life.  Her eyes got big as she listened to me talk and when I finished, Irelynn gave me a big smile.  I think the girls know each other, somehow.

Irelynn is 2 months old today and is doing so well.  This week, she weighed 11 pounds even, which was great news.  She struggled a little at first and was in the 13-15th percentile for height and weight, but she has since jumped and is now in the nearly 50th percentile!  I can see amazing changes in her face and body.  She is chunking up so well!  Every single moment with her is such a blessing and I will never take a second for granted.  I thank Savannah every day for what she taught me ~ to cherish every moment!

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