Saturday, November 24, 2012

New sisters for the summer!

We were so excited to get a new placement of foster sisters for the entire summer.  They were such a mixed blessing and challenge for our family.  They were age 9 and 14 (turned 15 while with us) and were so much fun!  The placement was only temporary while the girls met several potential adoptive placements, so while they were with us, we wanted to take the pressue off of so much seriousness and make sure they had lots and lots of fun.  We went to the water park, gymnastics classes, martial arts classes, babysitter certification, parties and BBQs, Church and various functions, and involved them in every aspect of our family life.  We wanted to be sure they got an idea of what being part of a healthy family was life so when meeting different types of families, they could figure out what they liked and didn't like.  These girls came from a rough background and had been through some very rough times.  They needed lots of love and nurturing, but most of all FUN!  Our children got along well with them, and although there were some challenges along the way, we did our best and hoped for the best when their time came to leave us for a family that had intentions to adopt them.  We continue to pray and wish the best for them.

One of my fondest memories of the girls was doing their hair.  They were were African American and Puerto Rican, so their hair texture was very different than anything I was used to.  Thank goodness for a blog and FB page called "Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care" because those ladies taught me all the tricks!  In no time, I was braiding and doing cornrows with the best of them.  Yarn extensions was my next project but we didn't quite have enough time to fully tackle that.  Should the girls come back to visit, I promised them them I would do it!

Because of privacy and Social Services laws, I am not allowed to show their faces, but here is a photo of one of our Saturday hair days.  It was such precious time and I always thanked the girls for letting me do their hair.  They have no idea what it meant to me and how special it was, but I hope their new adoptive Mom tells them the same things.  It was sooooo much fun!

Another thing I really enjoyed was getting to spend time with the older one and teaching her all the things a young lady needs to know before entering high school.  We talked about boys, etiquette,she got her hair done, for her 15th Birthday, I took her to get her makeup done perfessionally and appropriately, and taught her how to act her age.  She really blossomed into a wonderful young lady who was ready for High School.  I was so excited to hear about what the future held for her.

We are asked often about our experiences as Foster Parents.  I don't want to paint this picture that everything is rosy all the time.  There are definetely challenges that go along with this choice.  But we have to believe that we are making a difference in the lives of these young people who didn't have a choice to end up where they are today, and for that, we volunteer to do this job.  Some of their stories and life circumstances are horrific to put it mildly, but they still deserve love and someone to believe in them.  Sometimes, the best gift we can give a child is the gift of time and love.  So if you are curious, call your local Social Services and make an appointment to find out more.  I promise they won't handcuff you and force you into anything you don't want to do.  But we do love having a full house!

Catching up on blogging!

It seems to me that it has been forever since I have blogged and after logging in just now, I see that the last time I have blogged or even logged in was July 6th, so it really has been forever - at least in the blogging world!  I know I owe my readers about a hundred blogs - or at least it seems that way.  I will do my best to catch you all up on what has been going on and there has been sooooo much!  So thank you for your patience and your prayers.  It has been about 6 months of ups and downs, adventures and trials, like anyone else.  But I am continuing on my journey of life, and there is more work to be done.