Friday, October 12, 2012

Our little Republicans!

It's no secret that I am a Conservative when it comes to politics and for many reasons, but mostly on issues, specifically Right to Life.  While one of my favorite things on being an American is living in a country where we all have the right to choose whom we vote for, I am proud to educated on the many of the issues that important to me and I take the time to visit my elected officals and lobby for those issues that are most important to me and my family.  This year, this election is so important.  I volunteered my time in many ways, but mostly, we did a lot of things as a family, as we did 4 years ago.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

International SIDS & Stillbirth Conference in Baltimore

In October, I bravely left my family for the first time, and traveled to Baltimore (about 3.5 hours away) for 4 days to attend the 2012 International Conference on SIDS, Stillbirth, and Infant Survival.  One of the organizations that I serve on the Board of Directors for, The Star Legacy Foundation (, was part of the conference.  It was so inspiring to go and meet these interenational researchers and doctors who are making such amazing strides in all the different aspects of the various preventable causes of stillbirth.  I also met some amazing parents, who, like me, are trying to make a difference in their own small way. 

At the Remembrance Ceremony Friday night, I even had one parent and grandparent recognize me from this blog.  I was a little concerned because sometimes, I can be very honest, blunt, and uncensored with my feelings.  But she explained to me that it was helpful for her to read those parts and it helped her find ways to help her own daughter as she was hurting.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Irelynn is 9 months old!

Irelynn just makes me smile all the time.  She is such a happy baby.  But there is also a bittersweetness to this happiness.  I still think about her big sister.  I wonder what she would be doing right now.  I wonder why I am not dressing Irelynn in Savannah's hand-me-downs instead of purchasing everything new for Irelynn.  I think about the unsuspecting comments we get about having another baby and how "isn't it great that we have one of each?"  I know better.  I know people don't mean anything by this.  But it still hurts, even just a little.