Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Jeremy had a BLAST at his Halloween Festival at school today.  In case you are wondering, he is an alligator/crocodile, depending on when you ask him.  He will also firmly tell you that he is NOT a dinosaur.

He has been talking quite a bit about Savannah in the last few days.  I asked him what he thought Savannah would be if she were here on Earth and he replied, "Mommy, she would be a princess!"  I couldn't stop my eyes from welling up with tears.

Jeremy had so much fun playing all the games that the school had set up!  On this particular game, Jeremy knocked down all but 1 of those cups with his 1st throw!  Could he have a bright future as a baseball pitcher?

Jeremy was so happy to see his good friend, Karagan.  Karagan is so special to our family because she was due around the same time as Savannah.  Due to some emergency medical complications, she arrived early.  I absolutely love this little girl, but she does remind me of what Savannah would be doing if she were still with us.  Jeremy says he is going to marry Karagan and as far as Karagan's mom and I are concerned, that's fine with us!

After school, we went to visit Eric's grandma Jody.  I knew it would make her smile to see Jeremy all dressed up in his costume.  She has an amazing amount of patience with Jeremy.  We just adore her and spend as much time as we can with her.

Happy Halloween from the Renfro Family!

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